Working Papers

Spectrum Auction Design:Simple Auctions For Complex Sales, June 2013

(with M. Bichler, S. Mayer, and P. Shabalin)

Stabilizing the Economy: Market Design and General Equilibrium, September 2012

(with L. Lindsay)

Electoral Engineering: One Man, One Bid, August 2012

(with J. Zhang)

An Equilibrium Analysis of the Simultaneous Ascending Auction, June 2012

(with Y. Lien)

Inefficient Markets, May 2012

(with J. Zhang)

A Geometric Approach to Mechanism Design, April 2012

(with A. Kushnir)

Designing Package Markets to Eliminate Exposure Risk, April 2012

(with L. Lindsay)

What Makes Voters Turn Out: The Effects of Polls and Beliefs, March 2012

(with M. Agranov, J. Romero, and L. Yariv)

Wise Crowds or Wise Minorities? January 2012

(with C. Brunner)

Conformity in the Lab, July 2006

(with L. Yariv)